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About Us

Our company culture is based on two words: Professionalism and Efficiency.

Our goal is to always have the terms that are right for your budget and make sure the formation, application and legalities are competently handled so that the closing goes smooth and you can take possession of your new property in a safe and secure way.

Most of all we know your time is important and in real estate, timing is everything so because of that, we keep ourselves and our company culture accountable daily by remembering one thing simple:


Always. Close. Efficiently.

We specialize in the following loan types and can assure you I have a detailed knowledge and expertise in all of the available programs we offer.

Traditional Loans for Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out or Rate & Term
• Conventional 
• Non-QM
• Hard Money
• Expanded criteria loans for borrowers with recent short sales or foreclosures
• Foreign National loans

Commercial Loans for Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out or Rate & Term
• Commercial loans and lines of credit
• Commercial mortgages for owner-occupants and investors
• SBA Financing
• Bridge/Swing Loans
• Hard money
• Investor lending programs

Multi Family Properties for Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out or Rate & Term
• First time investments
• Refinances
• Acquisitions

Office: 877.223.6847

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